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We are completely rewriting our policies. Anyone have an numbering / organizational scheme you use? For example, what are your major policy categories, such as "Employment", "Pay", etc?


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  • Our categories are as follows:

    Employment Status & Records
    Employee Benefit Programs
    Work Conditions & Hours
    Leaves of Absence
    Employee Conduct & Disciplinary Action

    Each category has a number and within that category the policies are numbered accordingly. For example, Employment is category 1 so the policies within that category are numbered 100, 101, 102, etc. for however many policies there are in that category.
  • 10-General
    30-Employee Benefits
    31-Employee Security
    40-Employment Compensation
    50-Employee Discipline
    60-Employee Grievances
    70-Termination of Services

    Policies in each category contain the first number a dash and then the policy number. For example, 20-110 is about rehires and is located in the Employment section. We also break it down further when necessary (we have a policy 30-150-4 and 30-150-10 for instance).

    This site has some great examples. You might go to the members section and review some of the policies there and they way they are organized.

    Hope this helps.
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