PTO, Managing Control

I wanted to see if anyone had a control policy embedded within their PTO policy to manage those that have have excessive unscheduled absenses or those that use more "unpaid" time than they are allotted.


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  • Here's what a "habitual offenders" policy built into our PTO policy. An excerpt is below - private message me if you want the whole shebang.

    Habitual Offenders
    Any of the following occurrences will be considered one “offense” (except where otherwise noted):
    · Failure to follow proper call-in procedures for an unscheduled absence
    · Failure to follow proper call-in procedures when reporting to work 15 or more minutes past the scheduled start time
    · Excessive absences or tardiness
    · No call/No show (this is so serious, it actually counts as two offenses)
    · Failure to follow Company time-tracking procedures (applies to non-exempt employees who forget to clock in our out and to exempt employees who do not adequately report time off)
    · Failure to follow Company Meal/Break period procedures
    · Failure to account for a full 40-hour workweek
    · Not having enough PTO in your bank to cover your time off

    Any employee who incurs three or more offenses in any rolling 30 day period or 6 or more offenses in any rolling 90 day period may be placed on employee discipline (see Section 716). These rules will be enforced uniformly on a non-discriminatory basis.
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