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What did you Lost-ites think of the finale? I have to admit I was left a bit confused. If they all died when the plane crashed, how did the story unfold at all? If they are all dead and have been since the crash, somehow I feel like I wasted 5-6 years watching the show. Someone has to be able to explain this to me!


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  • They didn't all die in the crash. Everything on the island really happened. The sideways reality was like a waiting room for them to find each other after their deaths. Jack really died in the bamboo field as the plane with Lapidus, Miles, Sawyer, Kate, Richard, and Claire flew overhead. All those people lived the remainder of their lives off the island.

    Hurley and Ben continued to live as caretakers of the island, until they too died. Presumably, they were able to return Desmond to Penny and their son as suggested by Ben. Kate "missed Jack so much" because she lived a full life and died after many years of missing him (think Rose in "Titanic"). They all simply found each other in the Sideways world after their deaths and moved on together.

  • I like that a lot better...and it makes sense (as much as Lost made sense). :) Christian's response to Jack's question about him and the others being dead, "Some before you, some long after," made me think that some had lived long lives, and leaving me totally confused.

    Now I just have to explain it to my husband.

    THANKS JAthey!!
  • Wow, Julie, that makes more sense than anything else I've read or heard since the show ended last night. And succinct to boot!
  • Glad you both like it. I had the basic idea after watching the show but I got the "waiting room" term and the parallel to Rose in Titanic from reading other sources. :)
  • On another note, did they ever say Jacob's brother's name? I was hoping to learn it last night...
  • I think the consensus is that crazy adoptive mom never named him or that his name was "Brother."
  • Earlier today, I thought to myself, "Hey! It's Tuesday!" And then I realized that Tuesdays have lost a bit of meaning for me.

    Anyway, the major annoyance for me this season was not giving Jacob's brother a name. I chat a lot about Lost online, and it got old typing "Man in Black," "MIB," "Smoke Monster," "Smokey," "Smocke," and "Flocke" (Fake Locke). I just wanted a name, even if it was the overly obvious Esau.

    I sometimes go to the darkufo page ([url]www.darkufo.blogspot.com[/url]), a fan-run site for all things Lost. Someone reported there that a script actually called him Samuel. Is that true? I have no idea. If it is, why was it never revealed? I have no idea.

    And speaking of having no idea, there were a few mysteries that never got explained. Now, I'm at peace with the finale. I was initially put off by the whole "the alt time line is purgatory" bit, but upon further reflection, it was a nice way to send off some of the greatest characters to grace the TV screen -- healthy, happy, and redeemed. But the geek in me would have loved some more answers. Apparently the folks at collegehumor.com agree. Here is a funny video they posted that lists just a few of Lost's unsolved mysteries:

  • Didn't they "promise" answers?! Like what is the light? Why are people brought to the island? What's with the polar bear? How is is that the light turned Flocke/Smocke/He Who Shall Remain Nameless into what he became and left Jack unscathed? How did Jacob leave the island?

    If the church was a place the survivors created to all meet after death, why did they have to be reintroduced to one another/have an awakening?
  • [I]Lost[/I] had more red herrings than half all the mystery novels ever written all put together. Just thinking about them makes my head hurt. So, I don't. I just enjoyed the journey and leave the logic to all the folks who have to have definitive answers to every question when sometimes the best answer is just, "hmmm, now that was entertaining."

  • That's basically how I felt about Twin Peaks. The finale was extremely unsatisfying... but damn, what a great story!
  • Much to my chagrin those pesky unanswered questions are bugging me. So, I'm happy to report that the boxed set (all 6 seasons) of [I]Lost[/I] is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

    Sounds like a plan for a few "lost" weekends next winter.

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