Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

As part of the PPACA, employers with more than 50 employees are required to "furnish a private space, other than a restroom, for mothers to express milk." We had initially determined that a very large private restroom accessible only to our employees would satisfy the requirement, but now I see that it isn't supposed to be a bathroom. This room has a chair that would allow the mother to sit on the chair (rather than the toilet) to express milk. Do you feel this is an acceptable location or do we need to find another option that is not also a restroom?


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  • My understanding is that it must be a private area. Unless the mother is in a stall, the chair in the bathroom will be public. I don't think it is enough. I think you need to find another area.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • It is a single bathroom with a lock, not a "public" women's restroom with a stall. A very large "one-holer" if you will. If there is someone in there with the door locked, no one else can get in.
  • We have the same setup here....a one-stall restroom with a lock on the outside door, and a relatively comfy outer area separated from the toilet by a wall. So if someone were in there expressing breast milk, they could lock the outside door and it would be private, and they would have access to a counter, sink, and anything else they might need for their pumping equipment. It was my understanding that this would be okay, although I'll admit that I haven't looked into it in great depth.
  • My limited understanding is that it cannot be a bathroom. But must be private. The argument being: Would you prepare your meal in the bathroom?
    Our employee lounge has become a "lactation station" on an as needed basis. The door now locks and a sign indicates when it is in use. I wanted the sign to read "boobs out - Keep Out" but got out voted.
  • I "assume" that the more than 50 employees refers to total employees and not how many work at each facility/branch. Also being in the business of banking, we have multiple small drive-in facilities where the only hope for any privacy is in the one-size-fits-all bathroom in the facility. Unless Big Brother decides to charge OSHA during their routine inspections to verify that every building you have does "furnish a private space, other than a restroom, for mothers to express milk" then we will have to take a wait and see position and figure out what to do on a case by case situation.
  • I like the "Boobs Out - Keep Out" sign, but it's only a matter of time before someone gets creative with a sharpie and scissors and changes it to "Keep Boobs Out". I'm okay with that, too, but that's the Man Gene speaking.

  • Frank, if they put that sign up they would be talking about you. :)
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