Pre-written policies

I know there are companies that offer pre-written policies that are up to date and cover the gamut of HR issues. I'm looking to revise our policy manual and it might be worthwhile to have one of these as a reference.

Any suggestions? I looked throuhg the MLS site and did not see something exactly like this. Did I miss it?


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  • Paul,

    Log onto HRHero and under HRTools you should find a substantial number of HR Policy templates you can adapt for your organization's use.

    Please let me know if you have difficulty finding them or don't see everything you need.

  • If you are a member of SHRM, you can also find samples on their website. I haven't actually used any of the products for sale as I have found you can usually find good resources through your membership in HR Hero, SHRM, or others. Call me "tight."
  • I am updating ours as well -- gee things have changed in just a few short years (need new electronic, social media, timekeeping, etc. policies). We use Guide to Employee Handbooks (Published by Thomson West) A Model for Management with Commentary, because it has been kept up-to-date at great expense. I find the policies in SHRM and BLR excellent as well. In fact, because the subscription is so expensive and the Internet is really good these days, I will not renew the subscription after this year.

    I do like the commentaries -- but you know, I probably would get some great info from you guys.
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