PTO Donation Policy

I am looking for an example of a policy that allows employees to donate some of their PTO for the benefit of a co-worker who is dealing with a catastrophic illness or injury. I am also wondering for those of you who have done this, what problems have come up?

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  • I'll send what we have, including forms.

    The only problem we've encountered is that the donated hours were posted to an individual's sick leave bank right away, and he ended up with 44 hrs of sick leave in his bank more than he used.

    Since our policy doesn't allow a return to the donor we just left them, but now we submit the donated leave as needed.
  • The only problem we've run into with PTO donation is payout at time of termination.

    We had a new employee go through something pretty major, and the employees came together and donated a LOT of PTO to her...we're talking 100+ hours.

    She never really came back to work, and wanted the PTO paid out upon termination, per our policies.

    We did not payout that PTO, as our policies (as well as those of the state) dictate we pay out all [B]accrued [/B]but unused PTO - she didn't accrue it, therefore she didn't get it paid out. The excess PTO (above what she actually did accrue) was returned to the donors.

    I think PTO donation is a great idea, but it does come with its share of administrative headaches.
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