Hockey question

If you had your druthers, which would you rather manage?

[*]a team of future "Employee Hall of Fame all-stars that, on any given day, can smoke the competition, whether you're making widgets or designing the next breakthrough innovation in your industry;
[*]a team of lower-profile professionals who don't have the superior talent but who stick together, work hard, believe they can excel as a group, and make you proud.
Yes, I'm talking about last night's Canada vs. USA hockey game. One for the ages. Not quite up there with the Miracle on Ice of 1980 (the current American team is stocked with HNL blue-chippers, too, not college students), but still no one saw this one coming. If the teams played 10 times, Canada might win eight of them. Still, is it harder to manage superior talent? Or are we making too much out of one hockey game?

If there is a rematch, let's hope it's on the main NBC channel so more people will have a chance to see it. tk


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