New COBRA Subsidy Extension Requirements

Does anyone have a form(s) they'd like to share for the new notices required by the COBRA subsidy extension? I'm referring to the following provisions, lifted from a SHRM article [url][/url]

"Plan administrators must provide a notice on extension rights to AEIs who did not timely pay the COBRA premium for any period of coverage during their transition period or paid the full (non-subsidized) premium without regard to the subsidy rules. The notice must be provided within the first 60 days of their transition period, and must include information on the ability to make retroactive premium payments as a result of the transition period."


"Plan administrators must provide notices of the new extension rights to individuals who became AEIs on or after Oct. 31, 2009, or experience a qualifying event (consisting of termination of employment) relating to COBRA coverage on or after that date. The notice must be provided within 60 days after the extension's enactment date or, in the case of a qualifying event occurring after the enactment date, consistent with the timing of COBRA notices"

Any help would be appreciated!


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