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Today's Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the professional perils of wearing a Speedo or other revealing swimsuit attire to the office pool party. If you have a comment, please jump in now. tk



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  • Oh no, the mental image of any of our male employees wearing a speedo might send me to lunch early. That is not a picture I want in my head.
  • I had the 'pleasure' of seeing my CEO out on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. Even though I am aware he likes to go out and often does so with a couple I know, I just didn't want to see the big boss in his golf pants dancing to an 80's cover band...the memory still haunts me and it was tough facing him Monday morning!
  • We have a three day staff retreat each year and one of the places we go to has an Olympic sized pool. Our staff wear appropriate swimwear so our only problem has been the blinding glare that most Pacific Northwesterners give off when they don their swim suits.
  • Appropriate attire depends on your situation and your goals. The best way to communicate is to see people as who they are. If you are going to have outside work events, have them often so that seeing all sides of a person are normal and expected, and that includes events where people wear silly glasses or might show at a lesser advantage.
    Having said that, swimsuits probably cross the line at many places. High powered businesses need to keep that image. Paul works at a resort near or on the beach. Swimsuits are more than acceptable there. The more casual the workplace, the more casual you can go at your outside events.
  • [quote=plynnl;716959]Oh no, the mental image of any of our male employees wearing a speedo might send me to lunch early. That is not a picture I want in my head.[/quote]

    A few years ago, as I drove along one of the smaller boulevards in my home town, I came upon a traffic jam. This was on a street where traffic jams are pretty uncommon so I was concerned that there may have been an accident. Unfortunately, I was caught mid-block and could not turn off onto a side street.

    After sitting still for a few minutes, traffic began to creep forward. As I got closer to the intersection I could see nothing that would block traffic so was a bit confused. Then I noticed the fellow in the car in front of me all but hanging out his window shouting remarks to someone in a yard to the left.

    I looked over and, low and behold, saw a very tall, very overweight man (large, large beer belly) mowing his yard in nothing but a pair of black oxfords with matching black socks, a pair of headphones, and Raybans. The fellow was so blindingly pale the sun bounced off him and all but blinded passers by. As I watched, mesmerized by the spectacle, the man turned the mower and headed off in a different direction. As he turned, I could see his side and behind and realized that he was wearing a Speedo. Not just any Speedo, mind you. This one was designed to resemble an American flag. I have to tell you, the stars and stripes never looked so bizarre. I believe I sat there for a full minute before I realized that I was the one now holding up traffic.

    Unfortunately for me, that image is permanently imprinted on my retina and whenever someone mentions Speedo, it immediately comes to mind.

  • That gave me my laugh for the day. The mental image was blinding.
  • Omigosh!! I'm sitting here cracking up! That is just nasty.

    Pale Pacific Northwesterners? Paul, I'm here in Roseburg. My husband is hawaiian and compared to him, yes! He says I'm shark bait! :-)
  • You pale Pacific Northwesterners probably look positively golden brown compared to me...I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and didn't realize how pale my legs really were until I noticed that they weren't much darker than the white sheet I was covered with. Scary!
  • Too funny! Yep, I can relate.
  • We had a high school 'non-reunion' this weekend. While we were at a pool party on Sunday, a classmate - Tony - had his picture taken. It was posted on FB and a female friend of his from Sweden commented that Tony's legs are actually whiter than, we evidently have some shiny happy people here in the Sunny South as well!
  • Sharon, reading and imagining your story was a Hoot! I am so glad I only imagined it here and will probably never have to think about it again. lol
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