Travel Nightmare

According to WI state law, "Time spent traveling ourside of the employee's regular hours while a compensable time."

Employee drives to the airport 6-7 AM for a 9 AM flight. Flight is delayed until 1, then she is transferred to a flight out of another city 1 hour away. She then waits at the airport until 5:30 for the flight and arrives at her destination at midnight. I know that 6-7 AM, the 1 hour to the other airport, and then 5:30-12 AM are definitely compensable. Do we pay her for some of the wait/delay time? She was scheduled to be in a class for at least half of that time (which she obviously missed).

The final day, she had the seminar from 8-12 PM. She arrived at the airport at 1 PM for a 4:40 flight, which was delayed until 5:15. She got home at 9:30. Because this was on a "normal workday" (she works 8-4), do we have to pay for the whole time she was waiting at the airport also?

Travel time is always fun, isn't it?!


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  • There was an article on this in the Wisconsin Employment Law Letter last year. It's titled "A primer on travel time pay." You can find it by logging in to the subscribers area ([url][/url]), scroll down and click on the Answer Engine link, then enter the title in the search and select Wisconsin as the state. The article includes information on federal and Wisconsin law in a variety of travel scenarios, including waiting for flights.
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