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If you're new to the Employers Forum, I want to welcome you on behalf of the Forum staff. xhugs Look around and you'll find it's a great community where you can get some serious advice and support, or relax and share a laugh.
[url][/url] It may take a little time getting used to the way the Forum operates. If you want to learn more about it, we have a big ol' Help section. Just click on the little pink book that's at the top of most Forum web pages.

And before you post your first message, you might want to read this part of the Help section:

The most common mistake that trips up new Forum members is accidentally posting a question in the wrong section. (Right now you're in the section "How to Use Employers Forum.") Before you hit the Post button, make sure you're in the section where you want your message to appear.

x:-/ If you have any questions about the Forum, you can post them here in "How to Use Employers Forum."

If you need help logging in or something like that, you should contact your friendly customer service representative x:7 at [email][/email] or (800) 274-6774.

And you're always welcome to give me a holler for any questions, concerns, or just to say Hi.

James Sokolowski


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