Adobo Chicken and Pork

1. get Adobo mix at Filipino store
2. get a part of garlic clove and pound it into pieces.
3. slice a brown onion
4. slice fresh 2 lb.chicken with skin & 2-lb. fresh pork
5. boil chicken and pork in a pot. Add Adobo mix. Use small amount of water.
6. add black pepper and soy sauce, and Accent while boiling.Do not drain pot.
7. put cooking oil into frying pan, heat until hot
8. put crushed garlic into frying pan
9. heat garlic until brown
10.add sliced onions. cook until brown
11.add sliced chicken and pork you boiled before. cook until brown
12.remove food from fying pan, and put into same pot you used before
13.boil again,and add Filipino white vinegar
14.may need to add garlic powder, depending on taste
15.add sugar, depending on taste
16.when taste ia okay, and chicken and poultry are tender - IT IS DONE !

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