Generational Differences

I was just having a very interesting conversation with our CFO. He is part of the Baby Boomer generation. I am Gen X. He is upset about the lack of "commitment to the job" he observed from one of our employees, who also happens to be Gen X. The employee is taking 3 weeks of FMLA for the birth of his 3rd child. It happens to be during a busy time for his department. I informed the CFO that it is the ee's right to take this time (and he's using vacation to cover it). His response was that he has a right to influence raises based on this "commitment" or lack thereof. I said that you cannot punish the employee for taking the leave. He replied, "He won't know that." I said that it didn't make it right. He retorted with, "It doesn't make it wrong either." Now I know that if I decide to take what he views as a non-job-commited leave for the birth of a child, my raise will be affected. I will not accept that.

Generational differences never cease to amaze me.


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