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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-16-06 AT 11:04AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Anyone watch the season finale of Grey's Anatormy last night? Who do you think Meredith will choose?


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  • Definitely watched it!

    My heart broke when Denny died! Poor Izzy! I think Katherine Keigl (?) who plays Izzy should get some kind of award for her performance last night. She was EXCELLENT! Boy, will I miss Denny!!!

    Good thing they still have Alex to help Izzy. He looked like he really loves her when he was holding her last night.

    Meredith's and Dr. McDreamy's sexy romp just felt kind of sleezy. She will choose the vet for now since they just signed him up for a full season, but she will still be making eyes at Derek.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. This is one of my favorite shows!

    What happened to the pregnant girl who's parents wanted to keep her on life support until the birth of their grandchild??? I must have just missed what their decision was because I didn't see it.
  • I accidentally surfed into the finale, which I did not know was on last night, so I missed the first 1/2 hour.

    Good show, but I was extremely disappointed in Meredith a McDreamy(whats that about?). She had been so good about doing the right thing since she discovered he was married. To suddenly revert and have a quickie during prom was a bit of a fall down.

    I was also disappointed that Brecks's (?) main squeeze could not step up during the surgery. I am so bad on names. Looks like she got it together at the end.

    I still like that George dude - he plays the nice guy that cares and tries hard. More of that last night from him.

    I sort of thought the brain dead lady would end up on the donor list and her heart would come into play somehow.

  • Yeah, I was disappointed in Meredith and Derek even though I did want them to kiss, I didn't want them to have cheap sex. Meredith just seems like a girl "looking for love in all the wrong places" (sorry about that, had to say it!)

    I was also disappointed in Burke's girlfriend reaction to his injury.....but she has always been kind of unemotional. It was good that she came around at the end and that she stuck by her friends when being questioned by the Chief Surgeon.

    George is great! Love his character! I'm glad they gave him a girlfriend who thinks he is the best.
  • For the poor brain dead girl, I think it was mainly just implied by the looks the parents gave each other after George brought up how many people could be helped by organ donation that they would let her go.
  • I've never seen the program though I don't watch much t.v. anyway. Sounded like a biology program until I read the other posts. Another "reality" show?
  • Nope. Story about the life of being an intern, doing their residency in a big hospital.

    Probably kind of like "ER."
  • I thought the brain-dead pregnant lady's heart would end up being used for Denny. Is Izzie coming back since she said "I quit"? And if she does, will she be charged with a crime?
  • I was wondering that too. Or, is everyone going to go into the Chief's office and say that they did it (much like they did originally)? The show wouldn't be the same without her.
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