Wimmin Gettin' Ready

Why does it take her one hour to get ready for work in the morning and three hours to get ready for a college football game on Saturday? I cannot figure it out. For work, a woman has to wear sorta dress-up clothes and look just right. For a football game, you can wear jeans and whatever the hell you wanta wear. Go figure.


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  • What woman wants to look good for the guys at work?! There aren't any in my company that I want to impress. However, college guys at a football game--well, that's a totally different story...

    Note: (I hope you weren't referring to your wife in this scenario but to your daughter. If you were referring to your spouse, I apologize.)
  • I was talking about my wife. We went to a college game last nite. But, you may have hit the nail on the head. ha. No apology necessary. I'll share that with her.
  • >What woman wants to look good for the guys at
    >work?! There aren't any in my company that I
    >want to impress. However, college guys at a
    >football game--well, that's a totally different

    Oh you are so right! Rah, rah, rah...

    Cheryl C.
  • Look at it this way big guy: she's going out with her man, and she wants to look good for you - and to you. She wants you to be proud to be seen with her. She wants you to look around at all the other chicks, and be glad she's the one going home with you. Now, we both know it doesn't take that long for her to get beautiful for you, but be glad she cares enough to pay attention to the details. She loves ya' man!
  • Not that anyone really wants an analytical view on this topic, right? But, I've had lots of tailgate time to observe...

    For all but a few women, going to a football game (collegiate or professional) is a special, social occassion, like going out on a one-on-one date or to a party. So we have to dress the part. Whether YOU are looking at other girls and comparing them to the woman you're with or not, she sure the heck is. The self-pitying, attention-getter complaints tend to be smaller at these functions ("maybe I should have worn the other hat instead of this dark one" instead of "I cannot believe I tried to sqeeze into these blue jeans - they were tight last year!"), because of the informality of the occassion, but if you pay attention, they're still there. The get-up-and-go-to-work routine is practised and mundane and not-so-very-important. Plus, if they actually try to be fans and wear fan-gear, there's typically a limited selection in the closet, so they have to mix and match so they don't end up representing the opposing team. Oh, wait, maybe that's only me... I've seen LOTS of women show up in Kansas blue or K-State purple to any number of Missouri games. What I really hate is when they show up wearing St. Louis Cardinals (red) gear for a black-n-gold college football game - oh, wait - that's not just females, either.

    You know you've got a true fan as a partner when she takes the same amount or less time getting ready for a game than you do. My husband and I almost race these days to see who gets to the car first. Of course, I'm always the one reminding him to put on sun screen (which I've already done) and grab a ballcap (which I've already done), etc... So I usually have the car warmed up by the time he gets there. Been goin' to Mizzou games for 12 years now; we've got the routine down pat.

    By the way, Don - it's heartwarming to know you were able to find the time to recreate in all the chaos going on down there. Did your team(s) win?
  • Yes! It was the Souther Miss (Brett Favre) game in Hattiesburg, just north of the coast. It's 'her' alma mater. And you're right: just the right mix and match of black and gold and stuff with the revised Eagle mascot head. The halftime show even featured the 'live' mascot after his nose job and the jumbo screen in the end zone had a real plastic surgeon performing 'pretend' surgery in order to shave the beak down from the old logo to the new. She even has ME wearing black and gold. I used to literally hate it when I (a Mississippi State fan) had to sit in and amongst a throng of black and gold clad idiots and there I was in my maroon. I hated all that stuff those adults did and now I are one of them.

    There was an area reserved for hurricane victims who have found temporary refuge in the area of Hattiesburg. Their tickets and refreshments were complimentary!
  • Only thing that could have made it better, Don, was if it was a game between Miss. State and University of Oregon, right? Go Ducks! x;-)
  • Now I know why she took so much time to get ready. You said it's "her" alma mater. Of course she had to make sure she looked great in case she saw someone she used to go to college with. I would have done the same thing myself. We wouldn't want someone we haven't seen in years to see us not looking good. Would you Don if the shoe were on the other foot?
  • atrimble, I needed you this weekend. Saturday went to Arizona State v. Northwestern. No biggie, night game. Route was on, so left about mid way through the fourth, got home about 10:30 pm. Had to be back at Sun Devil Stadium for a 10 am tailgate prior to the Cardinals/Rams game. Forgot the sun screen and the hat - unfortunate in 104 degree heat. Went down to get a beer and use the rest room about mid way through the second quarter and that was all she wrote. Got ill, had to stay in the shade, which means I couldn't go back to our seats. By the end of the third I was tired of standing, so off we went. Today I am dealing what seems like third degree burns on my shoulders, back and chest. Like the outcome of the game, it sucks.
  • A "double-header" weekend will always getcha!

    I'm seriously looking forward to the cold weather games - did one too many of those mid-day, 100-degree games, apparently. I always say you can only take off so many clothes, but you can always put more on. Of course, that makes getting to know your stadium seatmates more important in the pre-season, since you'll feel like everyone is sitting in everyone else's lap with all the extra layers on!

    (Plus, that means it's chili season!)
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