50th Birthday

I searched old posts but couldn't find any jokes relating to turning the big 5-0. I'm looking for work appropriate things to post in a co-worker's office. Anyone have any?? Many thanks! :)



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  • I'm not sure what you mean about "work appropriate things" but for our boss we bought some black balloons, a fake tombstone for his parking spot marker and a geri-chair with commode for his office when he turned 50. I'm sure he'll pay me back in a few years when I turn 50...should I remain here that long.

    Cheryl C.
  • Yes, HR is right. Black balloons, black crepe paper, a cane (the commode chair is hillarious), something from a novelty store that plays a funeral dirge, bottle of geritol, tear out magazine ads for Viagra, & order him some AARP stuff.

    When I turn 50 they better not do this stuff to me.
  • Spencer's Gifts (if you have one in your area) has a hilarious novelty we got for my boss when he turned 50. It's a cane with a "slow moving vehicle" sign attached and a bicycle horn.
  • When my dad turned 50, I made a cane similar to what Beag described. I took a plain wooden cane (I bought it at a Welcome Home store). I used tie backs and attached a small mirror (for a bicycle) to it, so he could see behind him before making any "lane changes." I attached a horn (for a bicycle) so that he could alert others that he was coming. I also attached a snake light to the front, so that when he got up in the middle of the night for a trip to the rest room, he could see where he was going. I finished by putting a kick stand on the bottom, so he could lean on the cane when he stopped to talk to someone without worrying about falling over. Since then, he has shown it to everyone that comes to the house and has made it for several of his friends and co-workers when they turned 50.
  • Don't forget the depends and the AARP magazine. Magnifying glass, denture cleaner and the like are good additions.
  • Let's see.......Cataract wrap-around sunglasses, medi-alert pager ("I've fallen and I can't get up") brochures, Dr. Scholl's stylish sneakers.

    The icing on the cake would be if you could get a local dealer for one of those motorized scooters to come-out to your workplace and "demo" it.

  • All of you think that turning 50 is so funny. Well, although I'm having the time of my life in my 50's, TURNING 50 wasn't as funny as it was liberating. I now have a built in excuse. Let me explain.

    1. I can now fart in public without shame.

    2. I can swear at little kids.

    3. I now put the Viagra out in the open.

    4. I visit my mailbox in my underwear.

    5. When I'm out for a run I don't have to pass up other runners.

    6. To my young wife, I'm not a smartass anymore. Now I'm a wise ass.

    7. My grandkids think I'm great because I spoil them. And that's fine, but my toenails are STILL green. That stuff doesn't wear off.

    Yep, 50 is great. Now I can't wait for 60.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-07-05 AT 07:07AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Gee, I'd like to help, but 50 is so long ago at my age that I don't remember anything about it. Edit: Can't get that emotion icon to work - must be too old.
  • I'd like to contribute an idea or two, but the subject is too depressing to contemplate.
  • I agree with LarryC... the frist few years in my 50's have been so great and I can hardly wait for the 60's. I may be gettin' old but I hope and pray that I am not near as old as I'm gonna get....

    When someone around here turns 50 they arrive to find their office/work area decked out in black streamers, pottie and/or wheel chair, black ballons, card signed by most everyone, bed-pan, walker, etc... plus we have a big stuffed vulture, similar to a big beanie-baby doll, that looks like "Killer" the baby vulture from an ole Bugs Bunny cartoon. Killer must be maintained and loved by each person that turns 50 until the next victim turns 50 and then it is their turn to care for him. When our President turned 50 a few years back, I think we nearly emptied one of the local drug stores that rents such items. When they found out why we needed so much and that it was only for one day, they too got into the spirit and reduced the cost.

    Happy Birthday...
  • Our IT manager just turned 40. He had been very publicly lamenting turning 40 for about 3 months, which sealed his fate. Today he came in to the black balloons, crepe paper, tombstones, walker, etc. I think the funniest part was the person dressed as the grim reaper standing at the door to greet him. He thought it was a cardboard cutout until the reaper followed him to his office.
  • Well, as among the oldest in the group and having passed 50 fifteen years ago, you should all know that I don't use anything that any of you apparently think that those older than 50 use. I do, however, belong to AARP because one can buy bottles of aspirin, hair shampoo and that kind of stuff very cheaply. Oh, AARP also sells their equivalent to Metamucil very cheaply. I buy that for my mother who has the same genes that I have and is happily bouncing along at 100 years of age, although her piping system doesn't work quite as well as it used to. There you go, buy this person a case of Metamucil.
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