I want to know which church is it exactly where the Reverend Jesse Jackson preaches or pastors or ministers, all of which have different definitions and none of which he does, actually. And where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the problem and not the solution. Can I get an AMEN on that one? And after you answer that one, tell me the same about the most reverend Al Sharptongue. And why aren't there legitimate 'leaders' who are more like Dasher who has more good sense and style than both of those buffoons put together and multiplied by 5? the real answer, of course, is that it's all about division and race baiting and stirring up sh*t because that's what lines their pockets and makes them 'relevant'.

Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended I am awful sorry. Well, not really.


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  • I believe the Right Reverend Jackson will be preaching at which ever corner has the most TV cameras goin'...
  • .... with the biggest potential offering to add to his coffers.
  • I believe that Reverend Jackson received his credentials from a box of Cracker Jacks and Reverend Sharpton from a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Amen! Actually, Jackson is a main player in the non profit organization named the Rainbow Coaltition. I know that he (Jackson) receives money for speaking to left wing liberal groups.
  • The reason Rev. Jesse is always part of the problem is that he sees anyone in high profile trouble, and goes where the lights are the hottest and the cameras in abundance, ala Dutch2. Whether families or others want him there or not, he is there to do good for them on camera.
    Personally, I thought Sharpton was good in the "Spelling Bee" excerpt on the Tony Awards. He's a natural because he's so theatrical anyway.....
  • Jesse Jackson's credentials as a religious leader have long been questioned. As far as anyone can tell, his only credentials are attendance at a theological seminary in the late 60's. Notice I said attendance.

    Sharpton, on the other hand, was known as the "wonderboy preacher" as a child. He was a fuly ordained preacher by the age of 10 I think. It wasn't until he met-up with Jackson in '69 that he stepped down from the altar.

    Both get their money on the speaking circuit. It is rumored that Jackson has, for a long time, skimmed from his many non-profits (the legitimacy of which are suspect). I heard Bill O'Reilly say that Jackson pays $10K/month in child support to his former mistress. This, on a reported $150,000 salary from Rainbow. To quote pOrK, "SOMETHING STINKS IN DA HOG HOUSE AND IT AINT HOG MANURE".
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-31-05 AT 09:59AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I appreciate your research Gene; but, you missed a stitch on the monthly child support payment. The Coalition actually pays that tab. Since the child was conceived during or immediately following (it was hard to pinpoint precisely) a Coalition event in St. Paul, the board came together (if you will) and treated the pregnancy sort of like workers' comp, related to the job, thus to the organization. Jackson, it was determined, had gotten so heated up ('het up, he explained) during the singing and subsequent dinner on the ground, that he simply lost control while drilling what he could have sworn was a dry well.

    The woman in question was a mere contract worker, recruited and paid to simply hand out fans & shout AMEN! After she saw him put away six wings and two breasts, she felts compelled to offer him a thigh, as it were. The rest has been history, although rewritten several times.

    Sharpton, on the other hand, was a back-stage groupie and set-up-hand of sorts, traveling with James Brown from '64 thru about '73. One season he was the 'cape man' who ran out and covered Brown during Please, Please, Please while JB took a knee. He married one of the James Brown singers, thus his 'stage' experience. Brown built him a pulpit out of a discarded coffin and somehow he came by a 'preaching credential paper' in the early 70s. He uses a combination of Brylcreme and Hog Lard #3 on his mullet.

    For more information, read the book "Shakedown".

  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Some of the Collusion's...err I mean Coalition's largest donors also happen to be entities which get threatened with boycotts.
  • El Don, why, why, why are you starting my Monday with this crap? The Jackson-Sharp duet thrive on publicity and mayhem.

    After the Twanna Brawley debacle, I thought Sharp would just slither away. No way, he's more arrogant and egotistical than ever.

    The Jackson-Sharp tag team have one concept, let's stir the pot so that the truth evaporates and the bull**** becomes gospel.
  • This thread started last week. Ain't my fault you're slow.

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