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Ray is off, visiting gran-chillun, he claims. Will he reach 3000 posts while mooching off one of his kids, or will he be back at his desk before he posts 3 more times?

Disclaimer: This message is intended to offend only Raymond.


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  • Currently, I'm typing from Pataskala, OH. We are off momentarily to see my niece's new house in Newark and later on this evening heading out to Amish country before heading home. Chances are I'll hit 3000 posts after I get home in NY.

    I am offended.
  • "Chances are I'll hit 3000 posts after I get home in NY."

    But only if you can manage to keep quiet the rest of the day and tomorrow. I'm not betting on you.

  • Dang Ray, Pataskala, OH huh, I thought you might be comming to jam night Saturday and I would have a bone player but I guess not. We'll make due without ya.
  • Pataskla? There's nothing to do but mooch. Who let him out of NY?
  • The real question is, does his wife know he is on the computer?

    Disclaimer: This message is intended to offend only Raymond.
  • Ritaanz, I started heading west and got lost in MN so I'm trying to find my way back to NY. We crossed the Mississippi River and thought about heading south and showing up at Don's front door.

    One more to go.

    I'm still offended.
  • My family would graciously receive and host your wife should she drop by for a visit. I have a neighbor who has a half-empty storage building way out back near a pond. It would be entirely suitable for a cot for you, Raymond.

    Even though you would not be allowed inside the house, I would spend two weeks driving you through the South and raising your level of consciousness. You would depart loving grits, moonpies, fried catfish, pork chops smothered in gravy and onions, sweet tea and turnip greens.

  • Hey Ray Bones, congratulations on being lost in Minnesota. That makes two of us.
  • Larry,

    I'm visiting Minneapolis in 2 weeks with my daughter (her graduation trip). Any sights we should definately see besides the mall? We're planning 1 day in the city, the rest shopping, arghhhhh. (:| Also, is Thursday or Friday better to visit the city? We're going to use the light rail system from the mall.

    Thanks for any insight. Kathy
  • Well, Kathy, seeing the MOA will take you about a week. How much time do you have? Using the new light rail will very convenient for you.

    I would say, however, that best sights to see are in St.Paul. If you're here on a Saturday, downtown STP will have Saturday Night Cruisin'. Catch all the classic cars cruisin' down Robert Street and Kellogg. The Science Museum is fun. That's downtown STP. Cantebury Downs for horse racing across the highway from Valley Fair, an amusement park. That's in a southern suburb called Shakopee.

    When you get here, check the brochures in the hotel also.
    Good luck and have fun!!
  • and if you see my ex husband wandering around feel free to run him over...
  • I think he has a new job at the amusement park Larry mentions. He's that seedy guy who makes sure the kids are over 3 foot 2 and then he pulls that big iron-rod lever to make the ride snatch. Rumor has it he has one natural tooth left.

  • Kathy,

    Is it high school or college graduation? That would make a difference on what I'd recommend.

    It is construction season, so getting in and out of the city is problematic.

    I'd recommend staying inside the 494/694 (or as my husband calls it "the circle of death") bypass if you want to visit the city. Larry had great suggestions, the Minneapolis Art Museum is really top notch, the Uptown area is very hip, great people watching and restaurants, the Nicollet Mall is also great for shopping and people watching.

    A really great place to shop is the Galleria in Edina with lots of little specialty shops with jewelry, kitchen, art etc.

    I hope you have a great time. I like this place so much I came back after living in about million other places over twenty years....
  • Lisa,
    It's a high school graduation. She wanted to go there for the shopping.

    Originally she had been saving up for a $800 Louis Vuitton purse (she watched too much Jessica Simpson on the Newlyweds) & her grandmother told her that for that much money she could go on a trip and buy a whole bunch of purses. The next day my daughter told me she was going to go to Mall of America. I told her she wasn't going by herself & she said mom, you're going with me!

    Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. We're flying in on Wednesday morning and leaving Saturday night so we should have a chance to see some things you suggested.
  • Ah.... NY is a wonderful place. Rolling hills, small mountains and green grass compared to the flat terrain west of here. And I'm posting from my home computer after traveling 2927 miles and getting lost only once. We did see the Mall of America.

    OK, this is my 3000th post and everybody is gone for the weekend.
  • There's something mildly insane about choosing as a destination, the one place in the country which has the most cash registers under one roof.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to take a cooler of pimento-cheese sandwiches and Pepsis and walk eight miles through some really old cut-roads surrounded by vines, twisted trees and a wild assortment of colorful things you may never have seen before? Actually your pockets could be absolutely empty and you won't need any plastic.

  • Well Don, that does sound enjoyable except it would have to be Coke since my nephew in MN works for Coke and I would have been physically removed from his daughter's wedding if I even had the smell of Pepsi on my breath.

    But, more importantly we were able to spend some time with a niece and her 10 year old daughter at the mall. My great niece had a wonderful time and that made it worthwhile.
  • Ray, my neighbor is a manager at Coke. What's your nephew's name?

    And Don, not only does the MOA have the most cash registers under one roof, it also boasts having the most lady bugs (50,000) under one roof. The MOA brought them in for all the plants and trees.
  • Don,
    I thought she was insane for wanting to spend that much time shopping, but she's 18 & this'll probably be the only opportunity she ever has to do this. And there aren't that many teenage girls who want to spend that many consecutive days alone with their mom.

    The one truly insane is me for agreeing to go with her!! My shopping limit is 3 hours. Per month. But I'll suck it up & go & not complain too much for the reasons above. Wish me luck. x:D
  • I was talking about Ray or whoever suggested you spend the day at MOA.

    Disclaimer: This message is not intended to offend or attack. It is posted as personal opinion. If you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, email me and let me know why.
  • Not everyone is gone for the weekend....
    and don't forget the RC colas and moon pies while walking through the cut roads...

  • Ray,

    Congratulations on making it back safely from your trip, getting to see your family AND all those lady bugs at the MOA. Did you notice any nice shoes while you were toodlin at the mall????

    3000 posts? wow!


    Disclaimer: None of my posts are intended to discombobulate any persons. Should this happen, I would suggest taking a "mental health day" and getting over it.

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