Christmas party prize

I have to share this with everyone. Today we had our employee Christmas party at work. We all get together, the owners say a few words then we have a drawing and give away prizes. The last thing they did was have a drawing for a brand new car. Yep--it was a brand new 2005 car. It came up the elevator and right down the hallway into the party area. (We're a manufacturing facility so we can do this.) They put all the names back in the box, drew 10 names, each person got to pick a key and the key that started the car was the winner. I am so happy to say that the person who won the car definitely needed it. He has a wife, four little children, makes a low hourly wage and his van died a couple of days ago.

It was a very nice thing for the owners of the company to do and I had to tell all of you just to let you know there are still some good employers out there.


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