Only in California (so far)

I just noticed that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to place a measure of the November Ballot that could allow noncitizens to vot in the local school board elections. The measure allows parents or guardians of children in San Francisco schools to vote, including undocumented immigrants.

Perhaps the INS should monitor these elections, allow the vote to take place, then arrest and deport immediately after. This is more evidence that once on that slippery slope, anything is possible. This follows proposals in CA allowing undocumented immigrants to get valid drivers licenses - I guess they need to drive to the polling places to vote.


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-04 AT 07:39AM (CST)[/font][br][br]I can't help noticing that you refer to these people as 'undocumented immigrants'. What they are is 'Illegals'. I heard a man on the radio today saying that to refer to them as illegals is demeaning and inciteful and they should be called undocumented voters and that they should be allowed to vote. What the hell is this? they are ILLEGAL. Another caller suggested that they should be referred to as "Temporary unregistered visitors seeking resident status".
  • For clarity, who are you suggesting should be arrested and deported, the illegals or the SF Board of Supervisors? I nominate the BOS for deportation.
  • You can always flip a coin.....
    Remember, they are from the government and they are here to help us.
  • This is truly embarrassing x:-8 but non-citizens have been allowed to vote in school board elections in NYC for years. However, for obvious reasons, very few illegals have registered.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-04 AT 10:07AM (CST)[/font][br][br]In Kansas the officials are toying with the idea of allowing “illegals” the ability to attend college and pay in-state tuition, allowing them a drivers license, funding bi-lingual education, and who knows what else.

    If you have not registered to vote do so and research whom you are going to vote for. I have never been a strict party line voter and will vote for the candidates whom I believe share my beliefs, and I believe these handouts to those here against US law are just plain wrong.

    At one point in time the Big Red One from Fort Riley KS was the last cavalry detachment in the Army. Their last duty as cavalery was border patrol and maybe it’s time to dispatch them again.

    On a personal note, I sustained an injury in 1992 that forced me to be temporary totally disabled for six months. After three months of limited income and not being able to feed my family, pay rent and other bills, I swallowed my pride and applied for assistance, (welfare)

    After completing over 10 pages of useless questions I handed the packet to the intake person who then looked at the information I supplied. She only looked at three things, my name, address and amount of income for the past 30 days. I had made $378 which, at that time, for a family of three in our county meant that I did not qualify for assistance. The limit was $375 in a 30- day period.

    To my astonishment she looked me in the eye and stated that if I was an undocumented illegal she could write me a check that very instance. You can only imagine the emotion that was boiling in me after hearing that. I thanked her and exited the building with the intent of contacting every elected official I could. Well, I only wrote to my state representatives but that did not feed my family or pay my bills. The statute in KS has now changed but I still believe these non-citizens receive preferential treatment. Only in America, the melting pot of the world, would a non-citizen be treated better than an honest, tax paying, naturalized citizen.

    OK, I don’t want my Forum friends to get the wrong idea, I am not opposed to immigration, but I am opposed to illegal immigration. I believe I posted this before but isn’t it insane that we can track one mad cow right down to every pen it left dung in but we can’t track the illegal immigrants in this country!

  • Right now all the media and the pundits seem focused on the so-called 9/11 Commission report. Imagine that in five years there's another commission report out and it focuses entirely on How and Who is/are responsible for allowing terrorists to penetrate our border with Canada and Mexico. Let's also imagine that this commission in five years is meeting in response to a hundred thousand dead Americans. Or, hell, seven hundred thousand.

    I don't mind admitting that I am scared by this thought.
  • Those reforms were already addressed by the Hart-Rudman Commission, which came out in February, 2001 and subsequently ignored until 9/11. Even then, the Bush administration only looked at reforms that were politically expedient, such as creating the Department of Homeland Security. The Bushies will never toughen immigration because they need the Hispanic vote in too many critical states, like Florida.
  • Well the Kerries will never tuffen-up the immigration laws either, but what he will do is make the minimum wage even "mo better" to entice mo illegals to come. I wonder just how many companies producing something have a single person on or even hired at $5.25 and hour. Our most physical position requiring nothing more than the ability to shovel manure starts at a training wage of $6.00.

    It is the potato fields and other ag jobs that US Citizens would not think of taking that the illegals come to. We are an Ag company and have never been short on applicants. We would love to have more legal foreign nationals for they are great workers; however, we can not justify the hiring of foreign nationals in the place of a US Citizen because US Citizens are available. We have to throw many US Citizens into the positions and wash them out, accordingly, hoping one out of 20 will stick. A foreign national, who is legal will usually stay and do a great job with few if any complaints.

    I think I stay with Bush and look for the do nothing congress to get something done in the next four years! Oh you can look for Kerry to make it legal for same sex marriages conducted in his great state of MASS to be required to be accepted as fact in your great state. Fla is currently with such a case and you can just be that the liberal courts will again force it on all of us. Kerry will make the legal system so liberal we will loose that strength in the very near future.

    We need to eat lots of PORK to get stronger in order to fight the rest of the world as the liberal nation known as the USA becomes the Denmark of America where any thing goes!!!

    I hope each of you will have a Blessed day and a better tomorrow.

  • When I posted this, I somehow knew that eating more Pork would be the ultimate solution.x;-)

    Based on the posts, it looks like I should have used a different title and I should have known that New York City would already be there, but I am surprised that my home state (Kansas) is considering the idea. Wow, even in the heartland.

    I agree with Pork's observations regarding the work ethic many of the foreign nationals possess, whether legal or not, and I would also observe that many of the latinos have super strong family values - these are some of the qualities that make America strong, but the safety issues and the taxation issues are too important to ignore. It is also becoming more and more accepted in Nevada, that Spanish is our second language. Nothing wrong with that except I cannot converse in Spanish beyond a rudimentary level.

    Spanish as a second language is becoming an important tool in our recruiting. Hmmmm, perhaps I should sign up.

    As my wife says, VOTE, or shut up and go home.
  • What's wrong with Denmark? How many Danes have died from terrorist attacks in the last 10 years? Maybe we could learn something from Denmark. It's good to keep an open mind.
  • Nothing, it is a great place to visit(I did once), and smoke pot, live with the ho's and "sweet hearts of the same sex". Family values are not core to their world nor is the desire and fight for a or any value, just be and let be. Choices are plentiful, as long one does not step on someone elses choice. I guess one could term it as the utopia of "freedom", but will they fight for that freedom, "Hell NO".

    Even with all of our current mistakes, I'll take the USA over any other part of the world!!

  • While any change in policy re illegal immigrants must be initiated from the top down, the only time we will achieve any real change is when American citizens who are unemployed or underemployed step up to the plate and agree to do the jobs that are hard, dirty, or "beneath them." A perfect example is Pork's post above.

    If Americans aren't willing to do their own dirty work, we risk becoming a lot like Saudi Arabia, where the menial work is done by Pakistani workers so the Saudi citizens don't have to get their hands dirty.

    Before any righteous indignation breaks out over my post, I just want to stress that this is only my opinion and opinions are like noses - everyone has one.
  • I agree. However, I also think Americans have to stop being hypocrites. i.e. venting against illegals, but then hiring them, at cheap rates, to their housework, gardening, child-care, home remodeling etc.
  • I don't think that Americans are unwilling to soil their hands....they're unwilling to soil their hands for $6 an hour (to use Pork's emample). Jump it up to $15 an hour and just watch how many Americans line up to soil their hands.
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