We are trying to find a way to increase production while increasing employee moral. I have come up with a few ideas but I was wondering if anyone had some policies that they have put into place that have helped their company achieve this goal?

I have been thinking about giving recognition cards for employees going out of their way to help improve production or for following good safety practices. I also have thought about throwing a party if we hit a quarterly goal but before I present this to our owner I wanted to see if anyone else has had positive results or negative results from actions like this. Also if anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them.

We do offer a production bonus but we want to see what else we can do to help our employees feel like they did something great!


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  • At another company I worked for which was more production driven, we found that raising morale was most effective when it wasn't tied to production metrics. Here are some of the things we found successful:

    We would bring in pizza to one department, unnanounced, about once a month.

    Give out "Happy Anniversary" cards to employees celebrating the anniversary of their hire date. (do only for 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, etc if have a huge workforce)

    Have a drawing at monthly meetings for 4 hrs PTO.

    Employees who feel valued are more likely to perform without you asking them. Remember, its the little things that go the farthest!
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