first aid kit - include pain medications?

By providing pain medications i.e. ibuprofen, aspirin etc. as part of a first aid kit, if an employee has an adverse reacation, is the company liable? Liability has come up as the reason why pain medications are not a part of our first aid kit. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  • I can't answer to liablity but I know that we keep Motrin in the office for employees at the corporate office. I work for a small company right now but in VA I worked for a large company and they handed out pain relievers like candy.

    I also worked for a large insurance company (USAA)a few years ago that would provide over the counter pain meds upon request too.

  • We have a 1st aid/comfort kit in each of 3 buildings. It includes the usual 1st aid assortment and 3 versions of pain relievers, and have had this for 20 years. We have had instances of abuse. We have had to remind employees that it's purpose is to provide relief while on the job, opposed to heading home for medication. So far, have not encountered any liability issues.
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