Lay off letter

Anyone got one they might care to share/post.
Thanks in advance


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  • Is this letter advising the employee he is to be layed off? Or informing them of their remaining benefits as a result of the lay off?
  • Both? We have never done a lay off in the 9 years I have been here and I can't remember prior. (hell getting old) What we want to do is advise him his position is eliminated as of 10-1, but he is "done" as of Friday. We will pay health thru 9-30 and will pay him severance (?) for the month of Sept. This is a non union position and we have no lay off policy (don't ask)

    Also, who do you have tell him? The Director and HR?

    Thanks in advance.
  • In case of a lay off I do the termination. The employee usually knows it is coming because they see the work dwindling. My philosophy is that a good termination lasts 60 seconds. The poor guy wants out and you are suffering just as much.

    Here is a sample letter:

    Memo To:

    As a result of your termination from (Company), I am enclosing the following information:
    • COBRA Information
    • United HealthCare enrollment form for COBRA
    • HIPAA Certification
    • 401k packet

    Your medical coverage will continue until (date). If you decide to continue your insurance after that date, please complete the enrollment form and return them to me. A check, made out to (Company), should accompany your enrollment forms and each month thereafter payment should be sent to (Company).

    Severance pay will be issued to you in accordance with company policy. The severance package provided by (Company) includes two weeks of severance pay for each year of service.

    Your termination package includes 40 weeks severance, 90.0 hours vacation time remaining, and 45.0 accrued vacation hours for this year. This will be paid to you over a period of 43 weeks. The checks will be mailed to your home unless other arrangements have been made.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Human Resources Manager

    That's it.

  • Thanks, Rita. . huge help. ;)
  • Aren't we required to pay their severance and vacation accruals in a lump sum at the time of termination?
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