Staff interviews

We are implementing a staff/facility evaluation where I will go to troubled facilities and interview the staff to get their input on the morale and any issues they might have that can help us be informed of issues and to implement policy where needed.
Do any of you have some suggestions of questions I might ask. I have a list but was wondering what anyone has that I might not think of. A form would be great!


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  • Just curious -- I have found from doing this that people don't necessarily give you the information you want or need. It turns into a gripe session instead. Why not survey them ahead of time, get the surveys back and then go out and go over the 5 or so most popular suggestions with solutions? That way, you get buy in from the people there and they will be more supportive of your efforts. To answer your original question,here's one that I have used. "If this were your business, what you would change?" That covers a lot of ground in one question. Hope that this is helpful.
  • I agree with the survey. Is there also a possibility that the staff can write reviews for their managers and each other? You may discover misunderstandings and communication disorders within each team. Or SWOT review/survey - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Agree with both of the above. If you go forward, I would include some attempt at the positive.. ."what is the best thing about working here" May also give you some valuable feedback.
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