Public bulletin board (to ees, anyway)

We have a 3-building facility w/ bulletin boards for mounting req'd posters and benefits related posters, information, articles that feature our company or employees in the workplace. Occasionally, employees will tack up church benefit events, accepting bicycles for donation, yard sales, etc. When they run out of room, they start using space near the timeclocks. The company uses these locations to post meeting times and locations, but employees have posted there without permission and were removed by management, consistently. We're thinking about having separate bulletin boards for community use (community defined as employees). Don't really want to have a specific use policy, but don't want to see jokes featuring altered photos of employees,etc. This could get messy. Have any of you posted or implemented a "use guide" for something of this nature. It's a nice idea that folks would be mature and reasonable about this, but unfortunately, not realistic.

Open to suggestions. Thnx.


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