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My company is seeing a substantial turnover in a couple of specific areas. Usually the reasons cited are pay and or paid time off. We typically observe 7 paid holidays and give 2 weeks per year of PTO. I have done multiple wage surveys and we are competative in that respect. But if you can share your companies number of holidays and PTO it would be very appreciated.



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  • I think if you do a search you will find plenty of previous polls to look at.

    Just in case: We have 6 paid holidays and 2 paid float holidays. Holidays are not included in our PTO leave as many places do it. Our PTO bank is strictly a combo of sick and vacation.

    The hours for a full time employee are:

    128 hours 1st year
    176 hours 2nd - 3rd years
    216 hours 4th - 14th years
    256 hours each year thereafter

    We break it down and accrue it per pay period. Employees can accumulate leave up to the equivalent of 23 months worth of leave. We have seriously been considering an annual buy-back policy as a large percentage of our employees are constantly having to take a day here and there to keep from maxing out and losing time.

    You might also tell us what your industry is as it might help narrow it down for you.

    Good luck!

  • bgrimes

    Thanks! Our industry is Wholesale/Retail Books to schools, libraries, and retailers as well.
  • We offer 6 paid holidays per year. Salaried Employees have 5 paid sick days per year.
    Vacation: After 1st year 1 week
    After 2nd year 2 weeks
    After 10 years 3 weeks
    After 18 years 4 weeks
    We do not allow carry over on vacation or sick days. Upon termination, vacation not used is not paid.

  • >We offer 6 paid holidays per year. Salaried
    >Employees have 5 paid sick days per year.
    >Vacation: After 1st year 1 week
    > After 2nd year 2 weeks
    > After 10 years 3 weeks
    > After 18 years 4 weeks
    >We do not allow carry over on vacation or sick
    >days. Upon termination, vacation not used is
    >not paid.

    Wow. I thought OURS was bad!
  • Ginger,
    We also have 6 holidays and 1 Floating Holiday.

    We do not combine our holidays with our PTO this is for sick and vacation pay.

    We have a tiered scale

    1-4 years 10 days
    5-9 years 23 days
    10-19 years 28 days
    20+ years 30 days

    We do not allow pay out or carryover for PTO time, however, we do allow a percentage of unused time to be rolled over into the 401K plan.

    The allowed rollover amounts are:

    1-4 years 5 days
    5-9 years 10 days
    10-19 years 15 days
    20+ years 20 days

  • We have 8 paid holidays.

    Employees accrue PTO weekly - equal to

    1 week for <1 yr
    2 weeks for 2 to 5 yrs
    3 weeks for 5 - 15 yrs
    4 weeks for >15 yrs
  • We have 6 paid holidays, 5 sick days (accrued at 1.25 days per quarter), 3 personal days (accrued at .75 days per quarter), and vacation as follows:

    1-6 years 10 days
    7-10 years 15 days
    11-14 years 16 days
    15-18 years 17 days
    19-22 years 18 days
    23-24 years 19 days
    25 + 20 days

    We allow sick days to accumulate until a total of 63 days. Personal time is use it or lose it. Max of 25% of earned vacation can be carried over to the next year. Time taken before earned must be paid back on the final pay check.
  • "Time taken before earned must be paid back on the final pay check."

    Not to get off-topic, but is that legal? I was under the impression that you could not take anything out of the final paycheck (besides taxes,of course). Maybe that's just a state law though.

    We still seperate Vacation and Sick Time. Full-time employees get 5 days of Vacation and 5 days of Sick Leave annually until they have been here 3 years. Then they get 10 Vacation Days. Leave is accrued weekly based on hours worked. They also get 6 paid Holidays.

    FYI, we are a wholesale nursery in Virginia.

  • As long as you have a signed agreement (not just a blanket notice, but a specific one), you are allowed to make the deductions.
  • I think I beat you all on the worst-time-off plan.

    3 paid holidays
    0-1 Yrs of service - no time off
    1-4 Yrs of service - 8 days off
    5-9 Yrs of service - 12 days off
    10+ Yrs of service - 15 days off

    And no, none of it rolls over from year to year.

  • husband's company has the worst time off policy....

    1-2 years no time off
    3-forever 1 week off

    6 holidays a year (unless a contract needs finished)

    12 hour days 5 days a week (unless a contract or a stoplight needs done)

    That is it.

  • We offer our employees the following for their first year:
    Start Date Vacation Personal
    Jan.-March 10 days 5 days
    April-June 8 days 5 days
    July-Sept. 6 days 3 days
    Oct.-Dec. 5 days 3 days

    Starting in January of each year, they receive this vacation time:
    1 - 3 Years 4 - 9 Years 10 -14 Years 15+ Years
    10 days 15 days 20 days 25 days

    All non-exempt employees receive the 5 personal days every year. Salaried/exempt have less restriction and the system works well.

    In addition, we typically observe 10 paid holidays each year that every employee is paid for--no matter if they start working for us in the same month that the holiday falls.

    5 vacation days can be carried over each year, as long as they are used by 3/31.

    Personal days can either be used as vacation days during the last quarter of the year (if the person has used all of their vacation time); or they are paid out. They are not carried over.

    Please feel free to email me directly if any of this sounds confusing. [email][/email]

    The system is very successful for us.
  • Looks like we win for the most lucrative:

    15 days vacation
    6 personal
    13 sick
    13 holidays

    We can carry over the unused sick time and 42 hours personal and vacation!
  • Frank,
    Who cares if they are in Europe?. I'm wondering if they have expansion plans for Oklahoma and where I put in my application.
  • Yes, it sounds great doesn't it? I thought about applying myself until I realized they are in NJ. ;) Of course, I am open to persuasion. Do they need any accountant/hr people?
  • You know there that HR people are no account....
  • hmmmm......Is this your resume?

  • Just so happens that I had to update my resume last week, first time in over 10 years. It was a good exercise; it is easy to forget what you have to do to prepare be on the other side of the desk...
    Our CEO has an idea of offering the services of our back office functions to other companies and therefore the new and improved resume. Yep I must now admit it... I am part of the back office.
  • I am not following you...we do not have a back office and a front office just one office.

    You are probably having it easier than me..I became a company director this January and part of the company executive about stress!

    I am thinking about sending a resume to Walmart to see if I can be a greater!

  • Good luck with the greeter postion at Wally-World I spent 21 years with them; although not as a customer gretter, prior to taking a few years off and then coming here.
    We are a financial institution. All positions that are not directly involved in selling bank products, loans, cd's, checking savings accounts, etc are reffered to (at least here) as back office functions (i.e., HR, Bookkeeping, DP, Compliance, Loan Operations, etc...) Actually we make up the holding company and then our banks are under our umbrella.
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  • "Days like today make me feel like I am spinning my wheels. "

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    Our two companies have different plans;

    One company uses PTO, eligible after 90 days
    80 hours for 1-4 years
    120 hours for 5-9 years
    160 hours for 10+ years

    6 paid holidays

    PTO carries over, maxes at one year's worth of accruals
    Other company uses vacation and personal pay, eligible after 1 year

    40 hours for 1-2 years
    80 hours for 3-4 years
    120 hours for 5+ years

    Vacation carries over, maxes at two years' worth

    3 paid personal days per year, do not carry over

    no paid holidays

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  • No, Charlotte, North Carolina.
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