Grand Opening

We are having a re-opening "party" for our new expansion on Sunday from 4-7 PM (for employees and BOD only). Employees are "expected" and requested to be there but not required. Supervisors will be giving tours of their respective areas during that time. They believe they should be paid for the time that they are here working (aka giving tours). I am waiting to hear from management, but I am torn. I did tell them that if they were paid, they would not be allowed to have any alcoholic beverages being served. I see both sides. If they are required to be here, yes, they should be paid. If it's just a request, I think not. What say all of you?


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  • We just had a grand opening, but the only personnel required to be there were all exempt, making it MUCH easier! However, I did ask one hourly EE to attend in order to help out with small things, and she was paid for her time there.

    I think that if EEs are "requested" to be there, that sounds like a requirement, and most EEs will feel its a part of their employment to attend, and thus should be compensated. However, if EEs are "invited" to attend, you could get away with not compensating them for their time. It's all in how you present it.

    I do agree that alcohol should not be served if EEs are required to attend.
  • I think I'll put it exactly as you said it when I talk to management again. I don't really blame the employees who are giving up their Sunday afternoon to come represent their department. If they were coming just to enjoy the festivities, that would be a different story.

  • Whether they are required, requested or invited, if they are performing duties for the employer, they should be paid.
  • Management issued a memo apologizing for implying that employees were required to be here on Sunday afternoon to give tours of their department. Everyone is now welcome to attend, no strings attached. No one is required to be here.

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