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We have several employees who are not clocking out of our timekeeping system at the end of their shift. They say they "forget". These are manufacturing, non-exempt, hourly workers. I would like to know how others handle this problem in their organization. I know it is a disciplinary issue and would like to know the discipline you give for doing this? Thanks


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  • In our org, their coach would have to write them in on the attendance sheet. Some of our plants give a ten minute tardy charge for failing to punch.
  • if you are using a time and attendance system, be sure to have supervisors check report at end of day or in the morning. as a last resort, after all of the employee coaching, warning, etc. since i do the payroll, i pay the employee for 1/4 of an hour. when they are short-paid they take notice real quick. i explain to them since they did not clock out i do not know how many hours to pay them; and therefore; pay a minimum. i also make a note and send to the employee prior to payroll so they can make the last ditch effort to correct their time, and this also provides me with backup as to "why" they were paid for only a portion of a day. I have found that i do not have to repeat this procedure often!
    good luck!

  • Dynamite! That is a great suggestion.
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