Eligibility Waiting Period

Our health and dental plans stimpulate that employees must work two FULL months before becoming eligible. Do any of you have similar requirements that have been waived in the past? Our board is telling management that these waiting periods are often waived for upper level employees and they can come on the plan immediately. Some how this just doesn't seem right or fair to me. Yes, I am aware that life is not fair :)


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  • In my former life.... benefits were effective on the date of hire for exempt ee's. While non-exempts had to wait 90 days.
    Current policy here is benefits are effective at the first of the month after their date of hire. This is the same for all ee's from the lowest grade level to the highest grade level.
    To my knwledge this has not been an issue with any senior level positions we have filled in the past few years.
  • If you are completely self-insured then you can do pretty much what you want, though you might find yourself before a court someday trying to prove that the plan was fair. Otherwise your carrier (whether fully insured or you have a stop loss carrier) may have something to say about you waiving the waiting period.

    What most companies do if they want a little leverage in recruiting someone is agree to pay the new employee's COBRA premiums from the old employer. Sometimes you can get a short term policy, and sometimes the carrier will waive the 2 months for free or for a small fee. As the employer, you have lots of options. Just be careful you don't unintentionally fall out of compliance with your contracts or the law.

    Good luck!

  • We are fully insured and the TPA did confirm that we cannot allow this for one person and not everyone.

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