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Does someone have a forklift safety training tape that could be copied and sent to us ? I wish to show it to our factory personnel who drive forklifts.

One of the guys, for some unknown reason, had the empty forks way up, started driving too fast, and headed toward the outside door - when wham ! the forks hit the rollup door fifteen feet up, with the result that the forklift almost rolled over and had all its wheels off the ground and the forks impaled into the door, and the forklift ended up resting on its tail. It was a true miracle that this guy was not killed, or even injured .He has been prohibited from driving company vehicles in the future.


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  • Ah, our fair state of California, again! You need to do more that get a tape. All forklift drivers need to go through a training program and be certified to drive. We can probably help but it will take a few days. Our safety/environmental health person is off for a few days. Send me an E-Mail and I will put you and he in contact. [email][/email]
  • I don't have any videos, but you might want to look at a website called We are using this training program and our employees enjoy using it! The real bonus is that it is interactive and the results at the end of the "test" at the end are emailed to you for your records.
  • OSHA (1910.178(l)) requires all forklift operators to be trained and tested by a "qualified" trainer. Operators performances must be evaluated every three years, or sooner if the driver is involved in an accident, observed operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner, or assigned to a different type of truce, etc. Do you have someone on staff who does your OSHA training?

  • cebudragonlady and Gillian -- Please don't copy any videotape unless you have permission from the copyright owner. Not only is it illegal, but it deprives the copyright owner of money to cover the costs of making the video (and future videos).

    The company I work for makes most of its revenue from selling copyrighted products, including the Ten Danger Zones training videos. If someone makes an illegal copy, it deprives my company of money that it needs to run this website and pay my salary.

    James Sokolowski
    Senior Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers
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