A new twist on employment verification...

Our receptionist took a call today from a caller asking for employment verification. However, when I took the call, the caller stated that he was from a check-cashing service and wanted to verify the signer of a check as being one of our employees. I replied that this was not what the receptionist told me the purpose of the call was.
The caller continued asking if we had an employee by a certain name. Not saying yes or no, I asked the caller to spell the name. The caller then hung up.

Then I went out to the factory floor, and started to pass the word around : we will not honor verification requests from check-cashing services. Period.



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  • The policy we have is probably extreme; however, we do not verify any employee request without a signed release from the employee or former employee. This has stopped a lot of calls because they do not have the release available. I have had one experience with a check cashing place asking for verification. The employee was standing there, and I talked to them personally asking questions that I knew only the employee would know (ie. supervisor, department, job title, etc.).
  • We issue picture i.d. cards which the employee can use to cash company checks. If a check cashing place calls we tell them to ask for the card.
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