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I just had a question in the state of Ohio is there an hourly limit to what is full time and what is part time? I have an employee who works 39.75 hours oer week and was wondering if we were liable to provide health insurance benefits to he.


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  • With regard to an individual employee's work schedule, generally the meaning of full-time/part-time is determined by the employer. Nothing in Ohio law sets a minimum number of hours at which an employee is considered "part-time" or "full-time." So eligibility for benefits occurs at whatever number of hours or amount of work your benefits policy says it occurs.
  • I'd also like to add that you should take a look at what the employee is scheduled to work. At our company, full time is 30 hours for the purposes of benefits, but we wouldn't deny someone benefits if they only worked 29 hours one week - they'd be expected to use PTO, for example, or take the time as unpaid, as their regular schedule is for a full-time 30 hours.

    Similarly, there may be weeks where our part timers (normally scheduled for 25 hrs) work more than 30, but it is infrequent. These individuals would not be entitled to benefits under our plan.

    Hope that helps!
  • Agree with Coffee. Our employees need to be scheduled 40 hours per pay period (2 weeks) to qualify for benefits. The key word is 'scheduled.' If an employee is regularly scheduled for 40 hours per pay period, then holidays, pto, etc, are all available to them. If they are 'scheduled' for less than 40, they do not qualify for benefits.
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