"He's not a typical politician. He really has deep convictions," said Chuck Schumer, NY senior senator. Oh, so the typical politician doen't have deep convictions? They can easily be bought? How about you, Chuckie?


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  • Shumer is speaking for Democrats in general, although even some Dems have deep convictions, i.e., Lieberman for one, GA's Max Cleland for another. Having convictions seems to be one of the major differences between Republicans & Democrats. Most Republicans are elected because of their personal convictions. They stand by those convictions regardless of what is deemed politically correct by the media or even their own party. When people vote for a Republican they know what they are getting. When you vote for a Democrat you really don't know what that legislator will believe in or vote for.

    The same holds true for standards. Republicans will not reelect sleeze; Democrats have a much lower standard for their candidates. Before our Democratic Forumites take issue with my comments, consider the following: 1. Republican (Foley of FL) sends an e-mail to an ex-paige and is kicked out of his party. Democrat (Suggs from MA) has sex with a current paige and is overwhelmingly reelected. 2. Republican (Cunnigham of CA) is caught taking bribes and is kicked out of office. Democrat (Jefferson of LA)is caught with $90,000 of FBI marked bribe money and got enough Dems to vote him into a runoff for his House seat. Do you really think Republicans would vote for a Senator (Kennedy of MA) that let someone die in a car accident and didn't report it until the next day? Do you really think Republicans would vote for a Congressman (Frank of MA)who's boyfriend was caught running a whore house from the conressman's home/office? Actually, after reading this comment perhaps the problem lies with the voters of MA; not with the Democratic Party?

    What's scary is that the Chairmanship positions in the upcoming Congress will probably be led by these same sleezie individuals: 1. Kennedy - Sen Judicial Chair, 2. Frank - Ways & Means Chair, 3. Sen Murtha (caught on tape requesting more time to think about a bribe, for which he was indicted as a co-conspirator in the Abscam Scandle three elections ago) - Senate Armed Services, 4. Hastings (an indicted Congressman from FL) - House Intel Committee, etc, etc.

    Republicans didn't lose the House & Senate because of IRAQ. They lost it because of a perceived sleeze factor that your average Republican wouldn't tolerate. In my humble opinion, I believe most Republicans vote for character & integrity over politics. I personally voted for Dems for both my US Congressional district (the Republican is an idiot, i.e. of the "The Ten Commandments are the foundation of our country; TV talkshow host, 'Can you name any of them?'; Republican Congressman, "Well maybe one of two, but I still believe in them even if I don't know what they are.") and for our local GA House Rep, who also lost to the idiot Republican (refers to his oponents as Nazi's during speeches on the floor of our State Capitol).

    Now that I've got that off my chest, I have to get back to work.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-29-06 AT 04:49PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Yes, and sadly, the Democrats gained control due to the perception that the Republicans had lost a sense of ethics and the Dem's would bring it back.

    I was just reading last night that Harry Reid, just elected majority leader in the Senate, was involved in the Abramoff scandal. OK, maybe not severe enough to kick him out of the Senate, but make him the top dog.....?

    There were Republican congressmen who deserved to be voted out because they had lost their way, but unfortunately there were many decent politicians with deep convinctions who were also voted out.
  • Ray,
    many, many politicians have deep convictions. Convictions for bribery, influence peddling, child pornography,.........
  • Yep, in NY the comptroller we reelected to office may be convicted after the first of the year for fraud. The voters knew it during the election.
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