Easter Bunny Banned

Here in the Land of 10,000 Government Offices With Nothing To Do, the Director of Diversity for the City of St.Paul has decided that Easter displays with colored eggs, bunnies, chickies and fake grass should not be displayed in the government offices because it might offend non-Christians.

Here's the irony: St.Paul is named after the most evangelical Christian convert in the history of the world.

The firestorm that this director is experiencing has driven him into the Land of 10,000 No Comments.

The story continues: It seems as though an army of Peeps has now invaded city hall. They have "dug in" around an American Indian statue known as the "Vision of Peace". Let it be known that it has now been monikered "The Vision of Peeps". Like rabbits, the Peeps seem to be multiplying at a dizzying rate.

To further the drama, the Mayor of St.Paul, trying his best to make a statement with his tongue so firmly up against his cheek that he was hard to understand, did say, "The bunny is a vicious killer that attacks children. We had to do something!"

Ahh, life is wonderful here in the enchanted kingdom, or as I am proud to call it, Land of 10,000+ Peeps and One Vampire Running For Governor.


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