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It has become known that different areas of the mfg plant are completing timecards differently when it comes to recording start/stop times for 2nd and 3rd shifts.

For example, Employee A/Bldg A starts at 10pm Sunday night and works through to 6am Monday morning. He records on his time card "in the Monday slot" that he reported to work 10-6.

Elsewhere though, in Bldg B/Employee B has recorded on his timecard a start time on Sunday at 10 pm and then an entry of departure on Monday of 6:30.

Incidentally, there is added benefit to the employee in recording the start/stop time on the Monday (7 day work incentive/extra pay when applicable).

I'm not aware of any specific timecard rules with the DOL. How do each of you handle this? If the practice is consistent, is there need for concern?


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  • "The Fair Labor Standards Act and a nmber of other federal and state laws requires employers to keep records of the hours worked, wages paid and other conditions of employment. The law does not mandate just how time records are to be kept. Employers have options, whic include; time cards, time clocks and other types of computerized and paper records where entries are made either manually or by keystroke or electronically. If you track time electronically or manually and the non-exempt ee is not compensated for lunch break, that should be shown as clock-out and clock-in on the system you use. As long as you have a system and it is understood by both parties and does accurately reflect beginning and ending work times and unpaid times, you're OK. Don"

    The above is from a response posted by Don to previous post on this subject. I have been online in the Federal Register under the Wage and Hour Division, and I cannot locate any restriction on "recording" entries so long as it is recorded in the appropriate workweek. That is not a problem here since our workweek starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

    Obviously my preference is to clock in "on the correct day" and clock out on the following day as the case may be. But I really cannot see anything prohibitive from clocking in/out on the same day on overnights shifts. If someone out there really has a different approach, I'd sure like to hear it.
  • The recorded time, whether using a time sheet or a time card should accurately reflect the date of clocking in and clocking out. It should be consistent within a workplace regardless of department. The pay week is another matter. The pay week should be defined, most likely in the employee handbook and everyone should have an understanding of it.

    Another approach: you could try using the date and military time, then there would be no question of a.m. or p.m. or what day it was.
  • We don't have the 7 day work incentive. However, we do use time clocks that reflect the time and date of every clock in and clock out. Furthermore, our rules state that the ee is responsible for his timecard being accurate.
    If it was me, I would have that all clocking out and clocking out accurately reflect the date and time. Second, I would change the incentive plan so that it treated all the different shifts the same. It appears that currently your plan encourages ees to lie (ee A would get the extra pay but ee B wouldn't even though they both work identical hours).
  • I appreciate the comments and, despite software limitations, am pushing back for recording of actual start/stop date/times.
  • HHAYNAL: I think critical to understanding your situation, you must have a very clear determination of the starting and stopping of the "work week". Ours is Sunday to Saturday and that is 0001 Sunday to 2400 Saturday, all time worked during these hours is recorded as a work week and is calculated for O/T, accordingly. Without this understanding one could easily get confusted as to what time is O/T and what time is regular time. Additionally, premium pay is also paid to our employees working from 5 PM to 5 AM each night. This compensatable time trancends the work week and gets confused from time to time. Thankgoodness our computer is set up and helps to keep the information straight and the employee happy.

  • I am confused. First, I don't know what you are asking. HOw are your time cards completed? Do employees write in the time or "punch a time clock" or what? Secondly are you paying them for time worked or time that they said they worked? Should be approved by supv (or someone who knows). Third, are you asking about the recording or the paying? Fourth, what is your work week? Sat-Sun or Sun-Sat? This could make a difference how they are paid? Sorry I am so dense, but it is Monday am.
    E Wart
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